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Newsletter 97 - Public Call for Application for Incentives Issued in Serbia

On 17 March 2017, the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Serbia issued a public call for application for incentives for direct investment.

Newsletter 96 - What's new in the process of allocation of incentives in the Republic of Serbia?

A new Regulation on Terms and Conditions for Attracting Direct Investment entered into force on the last day of 2016 ("RS Official Gazette", No. 110/2016; hereinafter: the Regulation).

In our latest newsletter no.96, we would like to inform you about important novelties, certain clarifications and refinements in comparison to the previous regulation.

Newsletter 95

Once novel, now customary and fairly habitual method of initiating enforcement proceedings against a debtor in Serbia in legal transactions, the institute of the invoice as the authentic document has in practice proved to be a cost-effective and tremendously efficient way of collecting monetary claims.

Newsletter 94

Why choose mediation in dispute resolution over court action?

Newsletter 93
A Guide to the Rules of Employment, Movement and Stay of Foreigners in Serbia

Newsletter 92
Workshop Announcement "Key novelties on incentives for direct investment in Serbia" June, 8th 2016

Newsletter 91
What changes are introduced by the new Law on Enforcement and Security?

Newsletter 90
At the 5th DIS Baltic Arbitration Days 2016, Ljubica Tomić, TSG managing partner, shall present the practices and share the experience from Serbia.

Newsletter 89
New law allows cooperatives to perform all activities and prescribes registration of cooperative ownership.

Newsletter 88
Key novelties on Terms and Conditions for Attracting Direct Investment in Serbia.
What’s new in the process of allocation of incentives?

Newsletter 87
Ship owners required to renew registration of ship ownership

Newsletter 86

Workshop Announcement "Public Procurement - 6 Months After"
JMarch 2016

Newsletter 85

Workshop Announcement "Public Procurement - 6 Months After"
January 2016

Newsletter 84

1. Safety and Health at Work; 2. Conditions for the Assignment of Employees to Temporary Work Abroad and Their Protection
December 2015

Newsletter 83

1. Predrag Groza, Registered Lawyer at European Patent Office and Senior Partner at our TSG Law Office, will take part in “IP Service World 2015” Congress in Munich, Germany; 2. Amendments to the Mortgage Law
November 2015

Newsletter 82

Seminar by Serbian Association of Lawyers on 28 November 2015: “Taxes, Public Procurement, and Insurance – Current Issues”
November 2015

Newsletter 81

Allocation of building land in public ownership at a price lower than the market price
November 2015

Newsletter 80

Changes to the Law on Payment Transaction by Persons Not Engaged in a Business Activity
October 2015

Newsletter 79

The Law on Public Procurement - Amendments
August 2015

Newsletter 78

Amendments to the Law on Mortgage
July 2015

Newsletter 77

Law on Protection of Right to Trial in a Reasonable Time
June 2015

Newsletter 76

Whistleblowers protected by law
June 2015

Newsletter 75

Incentives for Direct Investments in Serbia
April 2015

Newsletter 74

Seminar by Serbian Association of Lawyers: "Construction and Equipment Delivery Contracts in Domestic and International Practice", Belgrade, 14 March 2015
March 2015

Newsletter 73

Amendments to the Law on Public Procurement - Reductions in preferences for local bidders and preferences for goods of domestic origin
March 2015

Newsletter 72

Director's liability for damage he caused to the company
February 2015

Newsletter 71

Changes in the deadlines related to restitution of confiscated property
February 2015

Newsletter 70

TSG Law Office - Winner of the Corporate INTL Legal Awards for 2015
January 2015

Newsletter 69

Obligation to acquire qualified electronic certificate: From now on, financial statements need to be signed by electronic signature
January 2015

Newsletter 68

TSG will be taking part at the conference „When Trademarks Overlap with Other Rights“ organized by INTA (International Trademark Association) in Munich, Germany
November 2014

Newsletter 67

Invitation to the 58th World Congress of the International Association of Lawyers (UIA) in Florence, Italy
October 2014

Newsletter 66

Insolvency - What is new?
October 2014.

Newsletter 65

Invitation to seminar on 3 September 2014 - Amendments to the Labour Law
July 2014

Newsletter 64

1. Seminar on 3 September 2014: Labour Law; 2. Amendments to the Labour Law.
July 2014

Newsletter 63

Incentives for direct investments in the Republic of Serbia
July 2014

Newsletter 62

Amendments to the Civil Procedure Code
Junе 2014

Newsletter 61

Amendments to the Privatization Law
June 2014

Newsletter 60

Amendments to the Law on Organisation of Courts and Protection of Right to Trial in Reasonable Time
April 2014

Newsletter 59

Seminar "Living with the competition law issues’’ organized by the International Association of Lawyers (UIA - Union Internationale des Avocats) in Warsaw, Poland
March 2014

Newsletter 58

New Legalization Law
December 2013

Newsletter 57

1. New Developments in the Competition Act & 2. Parallel Importation in the Light of the Law on Trademarks (“Official Gazette of RS", No.10/2013)
November 2013

Newsletter 56

Public Procurement Law: Commencement of Application of Article 78 - Register of Bidders
October 2013

Newsletter 55

New Misdemeanor Law Adopted
October 2013

Newsletter 54

New Factoring Law
September 2013

Newsletter 53

CBBL Annual Conference in June 2013
May 2013

Newsletter 52

Fixed-term employment for pregnant women and women who have recently given birth does not terminate with the expiry of the employment agreement
April 2013

Newsletter 51

New Law on Public Procurement
March 2013

Newsletter 50

1. Law on Payment Deadlines in Commercial Transactions 2. Attorney-at-Law Ljubica Tomić will be representing Tomic Sindjelic Groza Law Office at the Third Regional Conference of the Civil Law Forum for South East Europe in Tirana, Albania
March 2013

Newsletter 49

Seminar on 5 March 2013 - "Distribution Agreements on the Serbian Market"
February 2013

Newsletter 48

Our Attorney-at-Law, Ljubica Tomić, has been included in the List of Arbitrators of the Permanent Elected Court (Arbitration) at the Serbian Chamber of Commerce
February 2013

Newsletter 47

Tax Incentives when Investing in Serbia
December 2012

Newsletter 46

Seminar Announcement: 56th International UIA Congress in Dresden, Germany
October 2012

Newsletter 45

Special Collective Agreement for the Metalwork Industry of Serbia – Neccessary Steps
September 2012

Newsletter 44

Tomic Sindjelic Groza Law Office will be representing Serbia at the 2012 CBBL - Annual Conference Cross Border Business Lawyers
Маy 2012

Newsletter 43

Attorney-at-Law Predrag Groza will be representing Tomic Sindjelic Groza Law Office at the World Link for Law Annual Conference in Moscow
May 2012

Newsletter 42

May 2012

Newsletter 41

Seminar – Spring 2012 Notice of Change of Location!
April 2012

Newsletter 40

Seminar in Spring 2012 - "Collection of Claims in the Light of the Law on Enforcement and Security", Belgrade, 26 April 2012
April 2012

Newsletter 39

Seminar in Nuremberg: Trade Agreements and Collaterals
February 2012

Newsletter 38

New Civil Procedure Law adopted
January 2012

Newsletter 37

Trade Secret
December 2011

Newsletter 36

Law on Enforcement and Security
November 2011

Newsletter 35

Entry into force of the Law on Restitution of Confiscated Property and Compensation
October 2011

Newsletter 34/1

55th UIA Congress "International Sale of Goods"
November 2011

Newsletter 34

1. Attorney-at-Law Predrag Groza entered on the list of professional representatives of the European Patent Office 2. International UIA Congress in Miami: Negotiating
September 2011

Newsletter 33

Seminars in Spring 2011: 1. Land – legal aspects in the Republic of Serbia (Belgrade, Mai 25th, 2011) 2. Specific Features of Serbian Commercial Law (Vienna, May 31st, 2011)
May 2011

Newsletter 33/1

1. Extension of Deadline for Construction without Conversion until 5 April 2012 2. Law on Payment Transaction
June 2011

Newsletter 32

The Law on Consumer Protection
May 2011

Newsletter 31

New Addition to Tomic Sindjelic Groza Team of Lawyers - Milica Jevdjović
June 2010

Newsletter 30

1. Law on Gender Equality; 2. Administrative Litigation Law
June 2010

Newsletter 29

Block Exemption Regulation in Serbia related to Vertical Restraints
April 2010

Newsletter 28

Changes in the Organisation of Courts and the Civil Procedure in the Republic of Serbia
March 2010

Newsletter 27

New Law on Protection of Competition
December 2009

Newsletter 26

1. Law on Personal Data Protection 2. Law on Foreigners 3. Suspension of Application of The General Collective Agreement
April 2009

Newsletter 25

1. New Public Procurement Law 2. New Method of Validating Health Insurance Cards 3. Law on the Liability of Legal Entities for Criminal Offence
February 2009

Newsletter 24

1. The General Collective Agreement 2. Redundancy
November 2008

Newsletter 23

1. Global Connect – Forum for International Contacts and Investment 2. Latest adition to the Tomić Sindjelić Groza Law Office Team
November 2008

Newsletter 22

1. The General Collective Agreement 2. Investments of Special Importance for the Republic of Serbia
September 2008

Newsletter 21

1. INTA 2008 in Berlin 2. Digital Signature
July 2008

Newsletter 20

1. Privatization: Sale of Capital 2. Privatization: Debt Write- off 3. Privatization:Investment of Buyers by Increasing the Capital
March 2008

Newsletter 19

1. Green-Field investments 2. New Law on Constitutional Court 3. Recovery of Debtor Through Bankruptcy 4. Amendments to the Insurance Law
December 2007

Newsletter 18
1. Serbia enters The Central European Free Trade Agreement- CEFTA 2. Amendments to the Value Added Tax Law 3. The Law on Denationalisation in Serbia 4. Serbia: Ministries and Foreign Investments and Export Promotion Agency

Newsletter 17
1. Registration of annual financial statements 2006 to the Business Registration Agency until 28 February 2007 2. The Administrative Court and The Court of Appeal were to commence their work on 01 January 2007. However, these two courts have not yet been established, nor have they commenced their work. 3. Investment Funds in Serbia since December 2006 4. Pursuant the Law on Foreign Exchange the Government of the Republic of Serbia has adopted the Ordinance prescribing in detail under which conditions a resident may affect the collection from or payment to non-resident other than the one with regard to whom the resident has any debt or claim