2023 Startup Shower supported by TSG

As a result of our productive cooperation with the Business Intelligence Institute, law office TSG Lawyers Belgrade will be a proud partner in another great project called the Startup Shower in 2023.

Startup Shower” supports the development of entrepreneurial culture and innovations in business, as well as the development of individuals and society. The project provides non-refundable financial support in the gross amount of 1,000,000.00 RSD, and in addition to financial support, it provides assistance through business, financial and legal counselling and/or mentorship given by the most successful leaders and experts in Serbia.

The goal of this project is to transparently select an innovative business idea or project, in order to encourage entrepreneurship and innovation. This project seeks to support the development of a legal entity and/or business idea, as well as economic development.

In addition to material and non-material support, the quality of the project is also reflected in the unique approach to each particular project, in order to maximize the development potential of a business idea or of an existing project.

The organizer’s motive for supporting the projects of the participants lies in the desire to strengthen their businesses on the way to economic self-sustainability, expanding the market, but also to raise sustainable business to a higher level of development. As innovation is one of the major factors of modern corporate success, it is essential to support those who come up with original ideas and encourage them in overcoming their fear of making mistakes, which is another advantage that this project offers.

As different levels of regional development in Serbia offer diverse opportunities for development at the local level, this project aims to strengthen and stimulate the culture of supporting talents in the whole territory of Serbia.

If, in the long term, one of the most important priorities for the economy was to reduce the high level of unemployment, activities should now concentrate on reducing brain drain and opening new business opportunities for highly qualified profiles.

This project also considers the demands of upcoming generations, who are more risk-prone and require more freedom and flexibility.

The selection criteria include:

• Uniqueness of the project idea
• Solution to the particular problem
• The value that the project brings to society
• Potential for further growth and development

In the new year, Business Intelligence Institute will organize a new cycle of the Startup Shower project and the application competition is open from December 12, 2022 until February 3, 2023.

Translation: Marta Luković

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