9th Meeting of the AHK Serbia Legal Committee

TSG Lawyers Belgrade is pleased to have hosted the 9th meeting of the AHK Serbia Legal Committee under the chairmanship of our partner and vice-chair of the committee, Tanja Glisic.

AHK i.e. the AHK committee’s members divided into committee’s working groups for employment, real estate, digitalization, ESG (“Environmental Social and Governance”), international private law and competition took part and reported on their latest activities. The developments and efforts of the working groups in the recent period were the following:

Working group for Real estate

organized on 23 October in Belgrade a well visited and successful panel discussion with the title: “What Are the Effects of the Amendments to the Law on Planning and Construction?”.

Working group for ESG

has prepared a draft standpoint letter for the initiative of amending the bylaws enacted based on the Law on Chemicals, which will be circulated to the AHK membership for their inputs and once adopted sent to competent state bodies for consideration.

Working group for Employment

had a meeting with representatives of French, Italian and Japanese business chamber with respect to formulating a standpoint and possible actions regarding abuse of sick leave tendencies in Serbia.

Working group for Digitalization

considered organizing of an event pertaining to use of electronic signature in employment and corporate law acts, especially in light of the announced harmonization of relevant pieces of legislation with this respect. Possible activities related to the obligation of electronic archiving of documents, which will be mandatory for all business entities from January 1, 2024, are being considered.

Working group for Competition

drafted a letter for the initiative of amending the Law on Protection of Competition.

On the agenda was also the committee’s activities planning ahead, which will be timely communicated with the entire AHK membership. We invite all interest AHK members to join our committee and contribute to committee’s initiatives and events to the benefit of enhancing the smooth doing business in Serbia. Applications for committee membership should be sent to the e-mail address: dragisic@ahk.rs

The goal of the AHK Legal Committee is to offer members a platform where they can discuss systemic legal problems, as well as uncertainties in the application of regulations that make their business more difficult. The committee plenum considers and then implements the most adequate format of action on behalf of AHK in order to contribute to the improvement of business operations, whether it is initiatives for legislative changes, seminars, training, etc.

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Translation: Tanja Glišić

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