SERBIA: Restrictions on Prices of Food Staples

Prices of food staples (including flour, bread, water) will be restricted so as not to exceed the price levels as at 5 March 2020.

Trading margins of everyone involved in the supply chain of food staples and protective equipment (including masks, gloves, alcohol, Asepssol disinfectant) will also be restricted so as not to exceed the margin levels for these products as at 5 March 2020.

These restrictions are Serbia’s bid to try and prevent market disturbance caused by the spread of corona virus. The restrictions are imposed under a Decision of the Serbian Government of 18 March and shall apply for 30 days.

Should you notice any irregularities in the operations of companies/ sole traders or have any doubts as to their operations in this respect, you may contact us at

As a result of lifting the state of emergency in the Republic of Serbia on 6 May 2020, this Decision is no longer effective. Find out more here