TSG :Employment Talks: HR & Legal Challenges in the IT Sector

On 16.05.2023, TSG Lawyers Belgrade and the Swiss-Serbian Chamber of Commerce (SSCC) organised the TSG :Employment Talks: Working Breakfast on the topic of employment law:

HR & Legal Challenges in the IT Sector – Practical Examples


The working breakfast was held at the Zepter Hotel in Belgrade and was attended by a large number of business representatives, mainly from the IT sector, as well as consultants, lawyers and legal advisors.

The IT sector in the light of the global economic crisis is a topical issue that requires attention, as foreign markets are witnessing a change in trends in the IT sector. After a brief introduction, the panel began with a discussion of the legal challenges that the IT sector is facing. These included AI and HR with practical examples, the concept and practical application of short-time working with comparative legal solutions, and a look at the trend towards unlimited annual leave. At the end of the event, the participants were given a number of concrete tips to consider when planning and implementing their business activities. Discussions continued in the informal setting of a working breakfast after the presentation.

TSG partner Ivana Stefanović and Dušan Jovanović, sa.global HR Director, spoke about the above topics, practical examples and comparative legal aspects.

The TSG team would like to thank the Swiss-Serbian Chamber of Commerce as well as all the participants for their presence and participation in this event.

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