TSG Lawyers Belgrade became members of CANSEE

On 30 May 2022, TSG Lawyers Belgrade and the Canadian Serbian Business Association (hereinafter: CANSEE) hosted TSG :Employment Talks: working breakfast on

Employee rewards and shortened work week

The event, held at Hotel Zepter, Belgrade, marked the beginning of collaboration between TSG Lawyers Belgrade and CANSEE and was attended by other CANSEE members who successfully run their businesses in Serbia.

The working breakfast was a great opportunity to address these highly relevant topics with CANSEE members. The question raised by the participants included: What does a shortened work week actually mean? Do employees have the same rights as working full time? Are there any such institutes in Serbian law? How is it possible to reward an employee?

These issues have been recognized worldwide, as well as in Serbia, and it is very important to understand which comparative legal models are current, and how modern business needs and trends may be matched with the existing regulations in Serbia, in order to understand which models could be applied to work environment in our country.

Members of the TSG team, Partner Ivana Stefanović and Senior Lawyer Aleksandra Rajić, presented the topics of the working breakfast – the shortened work week and employee rewards – to the participants, both through comparative law optics and the prism of Serbian regulations.

After the members of the TSG team presented these important topics, we had the opportunity to meet other CANSEE members and discuss together, over coffee and choice chocolate bites, the advantages and disadvantages of introducing shortened work weeks and rewarding employees by the employers.

We look forward to our new membership, future business ventures and joint successes with CANSEE!

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