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01. 07. 2014.

Amendments to the Labour Law

Newsletter 64

The National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia has adopted the long announced amendments to the Labour Law, published in the “Off. Gazette of the RS”, no. 75/2014. The amendments will enter into force on 29 July 2014, with the exception of Article 54 of the amendments, relating to the calculation of salaries and compensations, which will become effective 30 days from entry into force of the Law. Its contents are to be provided by the Minister within the above period.

Under these amendments, employers may conclude annexes to employment contracts with their employees within 60 days from entry into force of the Law i.e. until 27 September 2014; otherwise the provisions of employment contracts that are not in conflict with the Law remain in force. The amendments also provide that employers must bring their Rulebooks on internal organisation and systematization in line with the Law within the above deadline.

One can conclude that the present amendments to the Law have multiple purpose, namely, to regulate by law certain dilemmas and legal gaps that existed in the practice, provide terminological clarification of particular labour law terms, bring legal solutions in line with other applicable legal regulations, directives of the European Union and the conventions of the International Labour Organisation, facilitate the recruitment process, provide detailed definition of reasons for termination of employment, simplify the procedure for termination of employment, and finally state more precisely the authorities of the labour inspection.


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