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29. 11. 2016.

It is possible to enforce a foreign invoice! 

Newsletter 95

The possibility of initiating enforcement proceedings against a debtor in Serbia based on an invoice of a foreign legal entity was introduced already by the Law on Enforcement and Security of May 2011, and the new Law on Enforcement and Security of June 2016 has kept this mechanism. 

Once novel, now customary and fairly habitual method of initiating enforcement proceedings against a debtor in Serbia in legal transactions, the institute of the invoice as the authentic document has in practice proved to be a cost-effective and tremendously efficient way of collecting monetary claims. 

Rich practice of Serbian court as well as long-standing experience of our Law Office in representing foreign companies in court proceedings in Serbia testify to the significance and weight of foreign invoices as authentic documents. 

Therefore, make the most of the opportunity to collect your claims based on invoices in a very efficient and cost-effective manner from debtors in Serbia, in the so-called summary enforcement procedure, in which our Office shall be happy to represent you. Please note that, under the Serbian law, the limitation period for claims arising among legal persons from commercial transactions is three years.

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