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05. 06. 2019.

Obligatory registration of an e-mail address in Serbia

Newsletter 115

Companies are obliged to register an e-mail address no later than 1st of October 2019 in the Serbian Business Registers Agency.

Even though the possibility to register this data has been envisaged by earlier regulations, the Law1 now introduces it as an obligation for all companies. The fact that entrepreneurs are not explicitly specified as legal entities subjected to this obligation, does not imply their exemption, especially having in mind that there are no legal or technical reasons for that.

The purpose of this obligation is to facilitate and speed up business correspondence and enable more efficient communication between state authorities and businesses community and between business entities. However, this is another step toward elimination of “paper” business practice and a step closer to e-business. It is possible to register only one e-mail address.

The Law does not envisage a sanction in case when an e-mail address is not registered within legally defined deadline, however, with transition to electronic business and electronic submission of documents, companies that have not registered this data will not be able to point out as a mitigating circumstance the fact that they have not been notified of any obligation due to the lack of a registered e-mail address, and therefore they can suffer certain consequences.




1 Amendments and Supplements to the Serbian Company Law (Official Gazette 44/2018)