Branič 4/2023: A Review of the Recent Amendments to the Law on Planning and Construction


This text presents in detail the main amendments that came into force with the adoption of the Law on Amendments to the Law on Planning and Construction. The main change, which was most controversially accepted by the public, is the repeal of the Law on Converting the Right of Use into the Right of Ownership on Construction Land with a Fee. In this way, the conversion of the right of use into the right of ownership with fee was abolished and the circle of entities which will be able to perform the conversion without fee was expanded. In addition, the green agenda was elaborated through the modification of the existing ones and the introduction of new elements, the delegation of certain responsibilities of state bodies was carried out, the Spatial Planning and Urbanism Agency was established, etc.

Key words: conversion, right of ownership, right of use, land, green agenda, real estate cadastre

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