Caracteristics of Employment on Definite Period


In the article the characteristics of employment on determinate period, within the framework of general regime of labour relations are analyzed; the comparative solutions in the Labour law of Germany in that field are presented.

The author reviews the intentions of lawmakers on the basis of the contemporary court practice and latest modifications of Labour Law of 2014, and presents his position in regard the engagement of the employees for the determinate period.

The comment suggests that the intention of Serbian Labour Law is to decrease the volume of the employment on definite period and that the employment for in-definite period is set as the rule. It is explained that the employment for definite time should be considered as the exception under the Law, and that this employment method is widely misused in the practice by the employers.

Key words: employment, employment for indefinite/indeterminate period, employment for definite/determinate period, employment/work contract, employee, employer, trial employment, Labour Law

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Translation: Vojislava Katić

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