Risks of the New Era: Sustainability and Resilience

TSG Managing Partner and Attorney at Law, Ms. Ljubica Tomić will take part in the IV. Regional Conference New Age of Risk: Sustainability and Resilience, organised by BeRiskProtected, as a panellist addressing the topic of

Corporate Due Diligence and Ecology 


Opening remarks at the Conference will be given by Mr. Željko Jović, Vice Governor of the National Bank of Serbia, and Ms. Jelena Manić Petronikolos, Team Leader of the  Sustainable Development Goals Integration Centre at the UNDP.

Other participants will include representatives of the Serbian Banking Association; the National CERT; Bambi; A1; Marsh Mclennan; Horvath Adria; UNIQA; DDOR; Wiener Städtische osiguranje; Abstract; TSG Lawyers Belgrade; investor Mr. Vladimir Đukanović, Investor; AMS Consulting.

The key topics of IV. Regional Conference: Risks of the New Era evolve around:

What are sustainable business practices that adhere to ESG principles, are they feasible in the current global landscape and when will their implementation become necessary in Serbia as well?

  • Respect of the environment, people and high standards of corporate governance practices (ESG – Environmental, Social and Governance) will soon become a prerequisite for the survival of every company:
  • EU lawmakers are announcing a ban on doing business with companies which are not ESG compliant.
  • Serious investors have long been avoiding investing in ESG non-compliant businesses because they do not consider them profitable in the long run.
  • Younger generations are increasingly paying more attention to how companies treat the environment and society when deciding on which product or service to buy.
  • At the same time, doing business in the current global environment is fraught with a variety of risks that leave many companies struggling to survive, so new commitments present an additional strain.
  • The global economic crisis is further increasing the growth of cyber threats, which have topped the list of business risks for the second year in a row.

The panellists will seek to address the burning issues of how employers may deal with this situation, while safeguarding the mental health of employees, what are the potential risks, and what preventive measures and compensation options are available.

Programme and terms of participation

Translation: Vojislava Katić

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