COVID-19 Webinar: Impact of Corona Virus on Labour Law in Serbia

TSG Tomić Sinđelić Groza Law Office and German-Serbian Chamber of Commerce AHK gave on Tuesday, 31 March 2020 a Webinar on

Rights and Duties of Employers and Employees During the Corona Virus Epidemic

The Webinar was attended by AHK members and many companies facing burning labour-law issues, and TSG Tomić Sinđelić Groza Law Office led by Saša Sinđelić, Partner, and Ivana Stefanović, Attorney-at-Law, successfully resolved current labour-law dilemmas.

With the successful completion of this Webinar, TSG Tomić Sinđelić Groza Law Firm launched a series of Q&A interactive discussions.

The next COVID-19 Webinar will be organized round the topic of

Non-Performance Due To Corona Virus Pandemic – What Are the Legal Consequences?

By conducting Webinars, TSG Tomić Sinđelić Groza Law Office wishes to reach out to everybody with the information and right answers to any contentious legal issues arising during the Corona Virus pandemic.

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