TSG participated in the publication of the CBBL book Retention of Property Rights in the World

TSG participated in the publication of the book Retention of Property Rights in the World in German, published by CBBL and the publishing house Mendel.

It is with great pleasure that we announce that the book Retention of property rights in the world – legal practice from 32 countries (in German language) has been published and is available to both the business community and the academic and professional public.

The publication is the result of dedicated work under the editorship of prof. Dr. Burghard Piltz and consists of reports from 32 countries worldwide collected by colleagues from German-speaking law firms that are part of the CBBL network (Cross Border Business Lawyers). The basic idea is to analyse in an all-encompassing manner the position of the institute of retention of property rights – reserved ownership (as it is understood in German law) in relation to particular jurisdictions of the world, with an overview of the available means of security in those jurisdictions.

Law Office TSG, as the exclusive partner of CBBL for the Republic of Serbia, took part in the creation of this publication. Our Managing Partner, Attorney at Law Ljubica Tomić, has submitted a detailed analysis of the institute of retention of property rights – reserved ownership in Serbian law. This includes an analysis of modalities, actions, preconditions, scope of security, deadlines and standard clauses. In addition, the analysis includes overview of other legal means of security available in the legal system of the Republic of Serbia.

The importance of a publication with such a topic and a thorough overview of a large number of jurisdictions for the German companies is enormous. Namely, for German sellers, the retention of property rights – reserved ownership is a frequently used means to secure loans. This is also the case with exports. Generally speaking, the national law of the country where the object is located applies to the question of acquisition and effects of property rights. When it comes to export, this is generally the right of the buyer. For this reason, it is of great importance for German exporters (sellers) to be familiar with the characteristics of the institute of retention of property rights – reserved ownership in the legal systems they operate with, as well as to be aware of different legal regimes regarding means of security.

The book was published by the German publisher Mendel, specialized in foreign trade issues, all in cooperation with CBBL.

The publication can be ordered via the Mendel publishing house website: http://www.mendel-verlag.de/produkt/eigentumsvorbehalt.

The official CBBL announcement regarding the publication of the book can be accessed via the following link: https://www.cbbl-lawyers.de/presse/artikel/eigentumsvorbehalt-weltweit-rechtliche-praxis-in-32-laendern/.

We are very happy to be a part of one more successfully finalized project that will enable German businesses to better understand Serbian legal system. Finally, the TSG Law Office has been providing legal support to investors in Serbia from German-speaking countries for 22 years.

E-flyer with all information about the publication and the ordering process

Translation: Balša Stefanović

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