TSG :Competition Talks: Distribution and Competition in Serbia – Risks and Good Practices

On 02 June 2022 TSG :Competition Talks: working breakfast on

Distribution and competition in Serbia – risks and good practices


was organized by TSG Lawyers Belgrade, alongside with German-Serbian Chamber of Commerce (AHK Serbia) and Swiss-Serbian Chamber of Commerce (SSCC).

The working breakfast was held at the Zepter Hotel Belgrade with presence of participants coming from the business sector, especially distribution, as well as consultants, lawyers, and legal advisers.

Given that Serbian market is increasingly connecting with abroad, and that the increase of economic activity in Serbia is a general trend, issues of competition and permitted practices of market participants on the Serbian market are important topics that should be taken into consideration. After a brief introduction to the legal framework of Serbian competition regulation, some of the topics addressed at the seminar were: the concept of restrictive agreements, mechanisms for exemption of restrictive agreements from prohibition, and the practice of the Commission for Protection of Competition in these matters. The permissible and impermissible exchange of information between competitors was also addressed. Finally, the participants were introduced to a set of specific guidelines that every interested market participant should take into account when planning and conducting their distribution activities. The open questions were further discussed at the informal part of working breakfast.

Members of the TSG team, Partner Predrag Groza and Lawyer Balša Stevanović unpacked the mentioned topics, using various examples from practice, and drawing attention to the comparative legal aspects of this matter.

TSG Law Office would like to give thanks to the German-Serbian Chamber of Commerce and the Swiss-Serbian Chamber of Commerce, as well as to all the participants in this event.

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