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06. 10. 2017.

What are the requirements for EU citizens to acquire agricultural land in Serbia?

Newsletter 99

Amendments to the Law on Agricultural Land abolished the ban on the acquisition of ownership of agricultural land for foreign natural persons who are citizens of the European Union and who will have the right, as of 1 September 2017, to acquire ownership rights on agricultural land up to 2 ha, for a fee or free of charge.

In order to acquire ownership rights on agricultural land, a foreigner is required to have

  • at least 10 years of permanent residence in a local self-government unit where the agricultural land is being sold;
  • to cultivate the said agricultural land for at least 3 years for a fee or free of charge;
  • to have an active agricultural farm registered in their name and to own the machinery and equipment necessary for agricultural production.


It is not possible to acquire ownership of agricultural land constituting protected natural resources, the land bordering on military facilities and the agricultural land within a 10-kilometer zone along the border of the Republic of Serbia.

The above amendments do not apply in case of restitution of seized property.