Fast and efficient procedure guaranteeing privacy and protecting the interests of all participants.

We represent our clients in the procedures of amicable resolution of their disputes, with a special emphasis on commercial and family disputes.

The mediation process has proved to be an effective mechanism for amicable resolution of disputes within acceptable time frames and without any negative implications for the current or future litigation of the participants.

Our clients, assisted by our lawyers’ negotiation skills, always come up with a win-win solution for the relationship in dispute, where each party is fully satisfied, whilst having the possibility of enforcing the mediation agreement in court, if the agreement is not honoured.

Furthermore, our lawyers are licensed mediators, listed on the official list of mediators registered with the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Serbia.

Ljubica Tomić
Managing Partner
Ivana Stefanović
Senior Lawyer
Dušan Pejkić