SERBIA: How To Work Night Shift Under Curfew?

As a response to the pandemic of corona virus, the authorities issued Order Restricting and Prohibiting Movement of Persons in the Territory of the Republic of Serbia, published in “RS Official Gazette”, no. 34/2020 (hereinafter: Order) effective as of Wednesday, 18 March 2020. All people are banned from leaving “flats, residential premises and facilities in residential buildings and households (yards)” between 8pm and 5am. Non-compliance with the ban is punishable in accordance with the Criminal Code.

The ban also applies to the employees required by the employer to work in night shifts, at the time of the curfew. However, it does not apply to persons issued with a curfew pass by the Ministry of the Interior.

The Serbian Chamber of Commerce has invited today all businessmen in Serbia to submit data on their companies, so that the companies requiring employees to work night shifts, or at the time of the curfew, can obtain passes allowing their employees to go about their tasks without hindrance.

It is required to obtain curfew passes for work in night shifts, or at the time of the curfew, and thus avoid any penalties provided under the Criminal Code. We have contacted the Ministry of the Interior for information on the procedure for obtaining curfew passes and were told that the procedure is being worked out.

TSG Team will continue to keep you informed of any news related to this or other relevant topics during the state of emergency declared in Serbia to prevent the spread of corona virus.

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have further questions.

As a result of lifting the state of emergency in the Republic of Serbia on 6 May 2020, this Order is no longer effective. Find out more here

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