SERBIA: State of Emergency lifted

After more than 50 days, the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia issued a decision on lifting the state of emergency declared in Serbia due to the COVID-19 epidemic, effective as of Wednesday, May 6 (“Official Gazette” of RS, no. 65/ 20).

With the state of emergency lifted, certain regulations introduced during the state of emergency ceased to apply. Find out which regulations no longer apply, what impact the lifting of the state of emergency will have on the rights and duties of citizens, and which legal deadlines begin to run, in the following news:

COVID-19 NEWS 01 Working in the State of Emergency
COVID-19 NEWS 03 How To Work Night Shift Under Curfew?
COVID-19 NEWS 05 Residence and work permits for Foreigners during the State of Emergency
COVID-19 NEWS 07 Instructions for obtaining curfew passes for employees
COVID-19 NEWS 08 Restrictions on Prices of Food Staples
COVID-19 NEWS 09 Scale of Court activities reduced and Stay of Time limits in Court Proceedings
COVID-19 NEWS 10 Can more than five employees work indoors together?
COVID-19 NEWS 13 New Mandatory Certificates for Employees Working during the Curfew
COVID-19 NEWS 14 Validity of Work Permits Issued to Foreigners During the State of Emergency
COVID-19 NEWS 21 Procurement Procedures During the State of Emergency


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