SERBIA: INSTRUCTIONS for obtaining curfew passes for employees

Further to the news on curfew restrictions of yesterday today we are updating you on how to acquire curfew passes for employees working in night shift. On 19 March 2020, the Ministry of Economy issued Instructions to Business Entities concerning the Procedure for Issuing Passes for Movement between 20.00 and 05.00 hrs.

An application for a curfew pass should be submitted electronically using this form, and sent through the Ministry of Economy at

The Ministry of Economy will forward the applications received to the Ministry of the Interior.

If a pass is required for a person aged 65 or older, the application is submitted in a separate, dedicated table and additional reasons for the work assignment of such persons need to be provided. The applicant for the pass for a person aged 65 or older assumes full responsibility for any consequences of their engagement.

The employer is required to issue each employee listed for curfew passes with a work order for each and every instance of outdoor movement between 8pm and 5am.

The individual work order shall be issued on a daily basis on the company memo, signed by the responsible person, and must contain the following data: full name of the individual, their unique identification number, date and time period (from – to) of work assignment, i.e. when their movement is necessary, and the reasons justifying the necessity of movement.

 The Ministry of Economy strongly underlines in the Instruction that all legal (statutory) agents and entrepreneurs (or managers entrusted with management) assume personal, material and criminal liability for the truthfulness and accuracy of the compiled and submitted lists of employees and work orders.

It is further stated that members of the Ministry of the Interior, in accordance with their legal authorities, will check up employees in the list and their ID cards, while controlling their movements between 8pm and 5am, and that prescribed sanctions will be administered if such check-ups should prove that any persons are not actually employed in the business entity and are not on the job assignment, i.e. do not have a proper work order.

TSG team will keep you updated on this and other relevant topics during the state of emergency introduced in Serbia to prevent the spread of corona virus.

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have further questions.

As a result of lifting the state of emergency in the Republic of Serbia on 6 May 2020, this Instruction is no longer effective. Find out more here

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