Unrestricted Entry into Serbia for Both Serbian and Foreign Citizens

Under the latest decisions of the Serbian Government, Serbian and foreign citizens will be able to enter Serbia without any restrictions.

On entering the Serbian territory, at the passport control, all persons will be served a health warning about the measures to follow aimed at preventing the outbreak and spread and at eradicating COVID-19.

Therefore, border crossings in international road, rail, and water transport are reopened for entry of Serbian and foreign citizens into Serbia.

The above changes are provided under the Decision of the Serbian Government on amending the Decision to declare COVID-19 disease caused by virus SARS-CoV-2 an infectious disease (“Official Gazette’’ No 76 of 21 May 2020) and the  Decision of the Serbian Government on terminating the Decision on closing all border crossings for entry into the Republic of Serbia (“Official Gazette’’ No 76 of 21 May 2020), which abolished the requirements we described in our News May 2020 – 11 

Entry of Serbian and Foreign Nationals into Serbia