SERBIA: When Will Employees Receive 100% Salary Compensation?

In order to protect employees who got sick with corona virus disease or are isolating/self-isolating due to work-related direct risk exposure, the Serbian Government has issued recommendation to all employers to pay 100% salary compensation to such employees during their temporary inability to work.

Practically, if there is no causal relation between an employee contracting coronavirus disease, or being in isolation/self-isolation and direct risk exposure as a result of work performance, such employee will be entitled to 65% rather than 100% salary compensation.

How will employers provide for 100% salary compensation?

For the first 30 days of an employee’s leave from work due to temporary inability to work, employers are required to pay the salary compensation from their own funds.

As of the 31st day of an employee’s leave from work due to temporary inability to work, employers may pay salary compensation by drawing from the statutory health insurance funds for the statutory amount of salary compensation and supplying themselves the balance to 100% salary compensation, meaning 35%.

Please note that the recommendation is not binding, and employers are free to decide about the amount of salary compensation to employees in case of temporary inability to work (which must not be less than the statutory 65% salary compensation).

Should you have any queries about the rights and duties of employers and employees during the corona virus epidemic, please find more information here.

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