Review of the LEADER PROJECT Serbia 2024

From 13 to 24 May, Aleksandra Toroman participated in the LEADER PROJECT Serbia 2024. This project was organized by the Canadian-Serbian Business Association (CANSEE) in cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia and the Embassy of Canada to Serbia, North Macedonia and Montenegro, in Belgrade. The program’s objective was to enhance the leadership skills of the participants through a series of lectures and interactive sessions delivered by instructors from Ivey Business School, an institution with a strong reputation for its expertise in business education.

During the program, participants engaged in an intensive curriculum covering various aspects of leadership and management. The Ivey Business School brought a significant amount of knowledge and experience, offering insights into modern leadership practices, strategic thinking and effective decision-making. The sessions were designed to be highly interactive, with participants applying theoretical concepts to real-world scenarios through case studies, group discussions, and practical exercises.

The LEADER PROJECT offered an invaluable networking opportunity for professionals from different sectors. Attendees had the chance to exchange ideas, share experiences, and build valuable connections that could support their professional growth. The diverse group of attendees enhanced the learning experience, as it allowed for a broad range of perspectives on leadership challenges and solutions.

In addition to imparting knowledge, the programme aimed to cultivate a mindset of continuous improvement and innovation among future leaders of Serbia. By the end of the programme, participants had acquired enhanced leadership skills, a better understanding of strategic business management, and a renewed commitment to driving positive change in their respective fields.

Additionally, attendees had the chance to engage with guest speakers from diverse industries, who shared their personal leadership journeys and insights into overcoming challenges in the business world. These interactions provided further inspiration and practical advice, enhancing the overall learning experience.

The programme concluded with a project in which participants worked in teams to develop and present comprehensive business strategies that address real-world issues facing companies. This exercise not only reinforced the skills and knowledge gained throughout the programme, but also fostered a spirit of collaboration and innovation among the participants.

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