Follow up TSG :Employment Talks: E-documents in labour relations and current labour inspection practice

TSG Lawyers Belgrade Serbia and the Slovenian Business Club (SBC) hosted TSG :Employment Talks: on 16 May 2022, a working breakfast on the topic of

Electronic documents in labour relations and current labour inspection practice

The event, held at the Zepter Hotel in Belgrade, attracted great interest and was attended by many business people, especially from the HR industry, as well as financial consultants, lawyers and in-house legal advisors from many companies operating in Serbia.

The working breakfast was a great opportunity to explore the highly current topics of the seminar from different aspects. Electronic documents in labour relations present a big issue in Serbia, since there is a discrepancy between the provisions prescribed by the Employment Act and the provisions prescribed by the Law on Electronic Document, Electronic Identification and Trust Services in Electronic Business (Electronic Document Law). Unlike the Law on Electronic Document, which acknowledges a qualified electronic signature as a handwritten signature, the Employment Act does not provide for electronic signing of documents in labour relations. On the other hand, a question was raised as to whether a decision on the use of annual leave and salary calculation may be delivered in electronic form under the Law on Electronic Document.

TSG team, consisting of Senior Lawyer Aleksandra Rajić and Attorney at Law Teodora Veruović, addressed the issue of electronic documents in labour relations. In presenting this topic to the participants, they highlighted the extent to which the use of electronic documents had been recognised in Serbia, citing practical experience, current Ministry opinions, and case law.

Prof. Dr Saša Perišić, acting Assistant Director of the Labour Inspectorate, addressed the inspections performed in the field of labour relations and the functioning of labour inspection in the context of Covid-19 and the economic crisis. Finally, we had the great opportunity to learn about the current practice of labour inspection from Mr. Goran Marković, Head of the Department for the second instance of administrative procedure in the field of health & safety at work, who also kindly provided insightful responses to a number of interesting questions in this field, such as: can an employment contract be concluded in electronic form and can a decision on termination of employment contract be submitted electronically?

We would like to give out thanks to the presenters, our dear Slovenian Business Club (SBC) and all those who attended this tremendously useful working breakfast!

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